Cutting Through Media Hype on Malware

Cutting Through Media Hype on Malware

What Medical Offices Need to Know

What’s in this blog:

  • The battle over Malware isn’t new; RandallTech’s been winning for years
  • RandallTech services can automatically install the newest updates from Microsoft to prevent Malware
  • You still might get Ransomware, no matter how many patches and updates you incorporate
  • How to contain a virus once you are affected
  • The future of security methods for private practices

If you are an office manager for a small or private medical practice, you need a security plan. You need to be prepared against any security breaches, including malware and ransomware. The government requires you handle security in order to achieve appropriate compliance. There’s more at stake than just a reboot. You could miss out on large financial reimbursements due to compliance errors. So, how can you best prepare yourself? And also maintain a top compliance standard?

First, let’s cut through the media hype on ransomware. Microsoft has been releasing security patches for years as the battle against  viruses, malware and ransomware has been raging. These possible security problems are targeted to take advantage of the Microsoft operating system and its users. They’re active, and they often get through the protection. This battle is not new. But the hype is getting louder for many users who previously were unaware what they were up against.

All Randall Tech clients automatically benefit from a system designed to quickly and effectively push out patches and updates to the server, workstations and laptops every week. That means, once a week your systems can receive any patches and updates designed and released by Microsoft. The system, once having received the new update is then automatically rebooted. This ensures you are a protected as best as possible, based on Microsoft’s latest capabilities.

This plan does a great deal to battle against security breaches. But, it’s often not enough. Patches and updates will not always keep you from getting Ransomware. There are still ways you can be infected – one employee who accidentally opens an infectious email or attachment can infect the entire system.

Yet, Randall Tech does help provide a quick recovery in the event this takes place. You’re now infected. What happens next?

If you have Randall Tech’s electronic backup system, they’ll automatically format the infected machine and perform a “bare metal restore”. This will restore the server to the date and time just before it had been infected. This process usually takes less than a few hours.

If you are on tape backup, you will have to contract Allscripts to restore the application (a $6,500.00 service cost). Then, Randall Tech can restore the database to the system. This process can take several days.

The world of data security is very complex. Randall Tech is working diligently to provide the best protection possible to its customers.

In the future you will see us increase login security and add more methods of protection plus improve restore times in the event of an infection or physical disaster. We suggest you use our service to provide the best preparation possible for a possible infection. And, it also helps to ensure your employees are trained to not open any suspicious emails. If they aren’t 100% sure about it, don’t open it!

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