Doctors, Don’t Sell Your Private Practice

Doctors, Don’t Sell Your Private Practice

Earn More Reimbursements with Optimized Compliance

How To Increase MIPS Scores (formerly PQRS/MU) and Earn More

• 1. Doctors are missing out on private practice because of cuts in Medicare reimbursement

Many private practice physicians and administrators are feeling the pressure for 2018. Are we prepared for the new regulatory requirements? Will we miss out on reimbursements because we don’t have our “ducks in a row”? Only those practices with high regulatory compliance will actually receive a full reimbursement.

Some practices simply aren’t prepared for new compliance requirements, putting them at risk of missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in reimbursement. This is where Randall Tech can help.

• 2. Better compliance from a support company can give doctors freedom to continue private practice

Many private practices are feeling the pressure to join larger clinics because the regulatory demands are growing beyond what they feel is possible to manage in private practice. Compliance is an ever-changing, increasingly complex system of requirements, involving sophisticated tracking, reporting and much more. We suggest outsourcing your compliance needs to a support company. That way, doctors and their practice administrators can focus their attention where it needs to be: patient care. Support companies like Randall Tech are built for just such situations, making compliance easier, and providing an avenue for private practices to stay in business.

• 3. Support services for better compliance provides doctors more time with patients

Compliance requires many skills that many medical professionals simply don’t have time to master. Data interpretation, security systems, data encryption, reporting tools, and much more. Hiring a compliance support company provides a big relief to overburdened medical staff, allowing them to focus on what they do best. As a result, private practices that take advantage of compliance support experience a boost in their ability to spend quality time with patients. The patient’s benefit from the improved experience, multiplying the positive effect compliance support has on your practice.

• 4. Better compliance optimizes the patient experience and security at your medical practice

With optimized compliance, medical practices provide these benefits to their patients:

  • Improved record keeping
  • Enhanced patient record security
  • More easily-accessible patient information
  • And much more!

Learn about Randall Tech’s compliance support services for private practices. Click here to contact us.