Hot Button: Ransomware

Hot Button: Ransomware

The WannaCry ransomware bug is still wreaking havoc across the world, and healthcare systems are being shown to be just as vulnerable as any other. For many people, the ransomware creates frustration and slowdown. However, with patients’ lives at risk and automated processes relying on computers, the healthcare industry is especially vulnerable to the consequences of the computer virus.

5 Steps To Protect Your Clinic

In order to give you peace of mind, RandallTech would like to remind you of these ways to protect your clinic. If you find that your business is lacking in any of the following options, please feel free to give Randy Whipple a call.

  1. Back up your computer. If you ever are attacked by a virus, this is the easiest way to restore your computer. Store the backup version in the cloud or on a drive that is in no way connected to your computer.
  2. Don’t skimp on antivirus software. The best offense is a good defense. Especially with computer viruses.
  3. Keep your computer up-to-date. Enable automatic updates of all your software. A patch for this virus had already been issued, and updated computers were not affected.
  4. One of the oldest rules” NEVER open attachments from unknown parties. Also, if someone sends you an attachment that has no business doing so, follow up before you open it. Any account can be infected.
  5. On your computer, you can enable the “Show file extensions” option in Windows settings. Potentially malicious files often end in”.exe,” “.vbs” and “.scr.” If you don’t recognize the letters at the end of an attachment, follow up with the person who sent it.

How To Deal With A Virus

If your computer is affected, don’t spread the virus. Immediately, disconnect your machine from the Internet and power it down until you are able to work on it.

A quick assessment of your security program should include these few basic questions: Where is your data stored and transported? What are the implemented security controls? And are the affected employees trained appropriately? A small amount of time being familiar with the answers to these questions can help you monitor how effective your system is set up against these attacks and can help you assess what risks you may have.

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