Where’s The Wi-Fi?

Where’s The Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi has become one of those technologies that we assume will always work. We don’t just assume it will work, we depend on it, from charts to prescriptions to billing, it is impossible to keep a clinic running with a spotty Wi-Fi connection.

Tips on How to Optimize the Wi-Fi in Your Clinic

  • Place the wireless access point in a central location
  • Place the access point as high as possible
  • The antennae should point straight up
  • Don’t hide your module in a closet, or next to an interior wall
  • Keep the area around the wireless access point free of video and power cables
  • Replace your wireless device with a 5GHz-capable device

What are the Benefits to a 5GHz Capable Wi-Fi Access Point?

The 2.4 Gigahertz bandwidth is regulated by the FCC specifically for consumer use. Baby monitors, wireless microphones and speakers, car alarms, garage door openers, any of the dozen Bluetooth devices in your home all operate at this frequency. As technology has progressed, those three channels and the single frequency are simply not enough to handle the demand. Recently the FCC opened another frequency (5GHz) for Wi-Fi, and this new frequency holds not three, but 15 channels. Older internet router models don’t have this frequency at their disposal.


Most new technology is compatible with 5GHz bandwidths, so if your laptop or tablet is less than three years old you likely won’t notice a compatibility issue. If these simple steps do not return your Wi-Fi to the speed you are used to, best practices would be to contact industry leader RandallTech. Randall Whipple is particularly attuned to your clinical office needs, and will be best able to determine the issue and create a resolution to your problem.

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